Our company is one of the world market leader in international mail
We offer a range of innovative and customized transportation solutions…
Our sort facilities work 24/7, that means there is no disruption in mail processing…
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Our company is one of the world market leader in international mail services and logistics.

We will make sure that your documents, or parcels are delivered safely through our door to door integrated air, sea, rail and road networks. We have strong domestic networks in Africa, America (U.S included), Australia and Asia, and all major European countries including the United Kingdom.

Our operational networks are supported by sophisticated technology which as well as ensuring service reliability provides real-time, on-line information about the status of your shipments.

Customers are at the heart of our business and we aim to provide total satisfaction. Diamond Logistics is the fastest, cheapest and most reliable provider of express delivery services.

To offer to our customers the cheapest and the fastest Mail Services in the world, Diamond Logistics works in partnership with the best cargo and carriers companies.

  In fact, to meet the end to end requirements of our worldwide clients and remain competitive in our domain, we require a widespread carriers network. We use our partners' networks, and some times local post services, to deliver shipments even to areas where we are not yet established.

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Copyright (c)2010-2016 Diamond Logistics Inc. All rights reserved.
Copyright (c)2010-2016 Diamond Logistics Inc. All rights reserved.
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