Our company is one of the world market leader in international mail
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Diamond Logistics Inc. is a well reputed freight forwarding company. The company has grown into a commanding presence in the shipping and logistics industry in a short span of time. This commendable growth today has been the result of providing total logistics solution to various customers in the most economical way covering air, sea and land etc and abroad.
                                                                     International mail, Sea freight, Air freight and Land transport solutions are our f                                                                    orte! We also handle Warehousing, Cargo consolidation, Project
handling and Bulk cargo handling which support our main services. Our dedicated team of professionals is well versed in the logistics solutions and implements total quality management in everything we do! We understand the importance of an on time delivery of your freight. Our personnel monitor each shipment from beginning to end in order to ensure timely delivery and will resolve any issues, which may result in late receipt of your goods. Transit time reports are available for all clients to monitor and measure our on time performance.

As a professionally managed company we strive to provide the most economical transport solution, eradicating non value added activities. Routing, collection and delivery of consignments for our customers around the globe is done in a safe and reliable transportation method. Today we have grown into a name of repute with a well justified reputation for chartering new courses and inventing exclusive solutions.

We have equipped ourselves with the latest ICT facilities and have an extensive network of branches spread out and abroad.We believe
Diamond Logistics Inc is an extension of you, our client. As a result, we are diligent in our effort to ensure courteous individuals interact with your clients so that your organization is well represented to your customers through every step of the logistics process
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Copyright (c)2010-2016 Diamond Logistics Inc. All rights reserved.
Copyright (c)2010-2016 Diamond Logistics Inc. All rights reserved.
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